Word Clouds

Wordle - One of the classics of Word Cloud Generators. Want to provide a quick and easy in-service that will have teachers using tomorrow what you facilitate today. Then go for Wordle. One of Wordle's only problems is its inability to save a file. For this reason I teach people to make a screen print and copy and paste it into a document. Check out my posting about Wordle to get some ideas of different ways to use in the classroom. I also include the link in the create mode, a great suggestion since it will keep students out of a gallery that could have a surprise! Check out my 21centuryedtech Post for more information

Tagul - I found this when Wordle had temporarily gone off line. I needed a back up and it is a good one. It actually had some pretty cool options in making the word clouds, some not available in Wordle. Take a look to find the other Word Cloud Generators. I included a list of alternatives in this 21centuryedtech Post for more information

Tagxedo - Is fast becoming my favorite word cloud generator. I discovered this one after getting an email from the creator of the program asking me if I would help spread the word. You can read about my finding in this blog posting. I like all the features in Tagxedo and am waiting for some changes that will make it even better.