BIE - The mother lode of ideas direct from the BUCK Institute which is perhaps the leader worldwide in Project Based Learning.
West Virginia Product Plans - A great site with a wonderful template that covers all of the important areas needed for a PBL project.
Learning Reviews PBL by Subject - Great ideas by curricular category. You will not walk away empty handed.
Intel Education - This designing educational projects page covers math, social studies, science, and language arts.
iEarn - Projects based on contemporary issue with a lean toward collaboration beyond your district, state, and country.communirt of high schools.
High Tech High School - Seven projects that have been successful at this PBL based
National Service Learning Clearing House - Hundreds of ideas. While not all maybe PBL... they could sure be remixed to have all the components!
Exemplary Projects - While there are not a lot of projects... there are some cool ideas.


Real Wold Math PBL - Small selection of projects based on math skills.
Math Matter Geometry - Selection of 10 Geometry projects developed in Indiana and hosted by Indiana University.
Math Matter Algebra 1 - Selection of about 20 Algebra 1 Projects from Math Matters at Indiana University designed for middle school.
Math Matters Algebra 2 - Selection of over 20 Algebra 2 Projects from Math Matters at Indiana University designed for high school.


My Science Box- At My Science Box you'll find complete, scaffolded lesson plans to teach a 4-6 week middle school science unit through activities, projects, and field trips.
Cases Online - A collection of inquiry-based lessons to engage exploring the science behind real-world problems.Promotes, self-directed and life-long learners, critical thinkers and keen problem solvers. Cases are grounded in Problem-Based Learning (PBL), Investigative Case-Based Learning (ICBL),
Physics Online - Check out the projects link for some ideas that just might start a project.
Molecules Matters - provides PBL instruction and support for students and teachers with an emphasis on nanotechnology.


Ciese- Dedicated to improving K-16 STEM education through the meaningful and effective integration of technology, CIESE fosters the use of research-based instructional methodologies and technologies to improve and pioneer novel technologies to explore and better understand their impact on improved education and society.