Stem Sites

I have listed some great STEM Resources to get your students involved below. I encourage you to visit these and see how STEM not only supports Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math but will also enhance efforts in Project Based Learning, 21st Century Skills, and NETS Standards.


The sites below are considered those resources that provide ideas or blue print for an entire PBL project. Included in most plans are project titles, content addressed, 21st century skills, driving questions, products, procedures, and evaluation. The resources in this collection tend to focus on the entire PBL process. - The people at the BUCK Institute for education have a great area to search for activities and projects already made. You will note how many projects include both math and science. Want an extra bonus? Make STEAM and include the arts!

Teach 21 - The educators in the state of West Virginia at Global 21 have provided this amazing PBL site. Just pick a grade a grade level and a subject areas. You will find projects that encompass the STEM areas.

Learning Reviews - The PBL portion of this site provides some outstanding links to web resources that cover science, math, engineering and technology. You will find grade levels along with the number of resources supplied.

Real Wold Math PBL - Small selection of projects based on math skills.

Math Matter Geometry - Selection of 10 Geometry projects developed in Indiana and hosted by Indiana University.

Math Matter Algebra 1 - Selection of about 20 Algebra 1 Projects from Math Matters at Indiana University designed for middle school.

Math Matters Algebra 2 - Selection of over 20 Algebra 2 Projects from Math Matters at Indiana University designed for high school.

iEarn - Projects based on contemporary issue with a lean toward collaboration beyond your district, state, and country.communirt of high schools.

High Tech High School - Seven projects that have been successful at this PBL based

National Service Learning Clearing House - Hundreds of ideas. While not all maybe PBL... they could sure be remixed to have all the components!

Exemplary Projects - While there are not a lot of projects... there are some cool ideas.

My Science Box- At My Science Box you'll find complete, scaffolded lesson plans to teach a 4-6 week middle school science unit through activities, projects, and field trips.

Cases Online - A collection of inquiry-based lessons to engage exploring the science behind real-world problems.Promotes, self-directed and life-long learners, critical thinkers and keen problem solvers. Cases are grounded in Problem-Based Learning (PBL), Investigative Case-Based Learning (ICBL),

Physics Online - Check out the projects link for some ideas that just might start a project.

Molecules Matters - provides PBL instruction and support for students and teachers with an emphasis on nanotechnology.

General STEM Sites

The following sites could be used as a foundation to build a PBL unit. Perhaps you may wish to just use a portion of the site for a product, lesson, lecture, video, simulation, or activity in a new or existing PBL unit. While many focus on competition... remember that you do not have to compete., although it could be fun. Look at it as a giant smorgasbord of resources ready to serve as a resources in building a STEM based PBL unit.

Siemens We Can Change The World Challenge – Great site loaded with resources, standards, and ideas. Either compete or just use the resources that are provided. Applicable to all levels of K12 education.

Kids Science Challenge – Awesome and inspiring challenges involving bio-designed scientific inventions, sports on Mars, and detective science. be sure to check out the great podcasts listed in Pulse of the Planet.

Young Scientists Challenge – Great resource for those students in the K-8. Lessons, multi-media, and lessons that can be incorporated into PBL

National Engineer Week: Future City – Great Project Based Learning Activity incorporating STEAM along with Language Arts and Social Studies. Engage students with Sim City Software, model building, and a new curriculum designed to integrate.

The Jason Project – Wow, what an awesome set of free digital curriculum filled with multi-media, simulations, readings, class activities, and projects! Check out that roller coaster simulation just to name one!

Siemens Discover STEM Academy – Vast amount of lessons, multi media, activities along with webinars that are some of the finest for both student learning and teacher professional development.

eGFI Dream Up The Future – A huge data base that will engage students with its colorful and students center interface. Make sure to check all the links including all the STEM resources found in the Teacher resource area.

NSF Resources For STEM Education – A great collection of teacher resources, instructional material, assessment, and up-to-date research regarding STEM.

PBS STEM Education Resources Center – Great information from PBS including engaging lessons, activities, and of course those award winning PBS videos.

NSDL – The National Science Digital Library has some outstanding resource tyhat include numerous links to some great STEM programs and organizations.

Design Squad Nation – Another great service from PBS filled with some entertaining and engaging ways to integrate STEM into any classroom.

Museum of Science – Great data base to search for lessons and ideas involving science, math, engineering from one of the finest science museums located in Boston.

Discover Engineering - Let your students discover engineering in some very exciting and engaging ways. From skateboards to roller coasters the activities and videos will bring you back for more.

ACSEville - The civil engineers at ASCEville have some amazing simulations, games, and adventures for you students. Have you ever built a gum drop dome or a paper bridge? Check it out... you may not wish to leave!

Google Science Fair - How about a virtual science fair that can go beyond your classroom, district, state, and even nation? This is an event that will turn on the 21st century skills and the new common core!

KhanAcademy - Ready to flip the STEM classroom? Then check out these thousands of video from the people at Khan! Every area of Science and Math can be explored in short informative video clips. Either do a total flip or just reinforce skills in a short student controlled lesson.

TeachersDomain - Want to continue doing a flip. Then visit this site from WGBH, a PBS station in Boston. You will find videos, activities, and simulations! Best of all you can archive it in your own classroom at the Teachers Domain Site.

PBS Teachers - Brand new site filled with lots of resources and videos. Search by grade level and curricular areas. Teacher can create an online classroom filled with outstanding and engaging material.

Wolframalpha - Not your typical search engine. This is a computational search engine that is a plus for any STEM educator. It is easy to use and its ability to find data is just plain fun!

Ciese- Dedicated to improving K-16 STEM education through the meaningful and effective integration of technology, CIESE fosters the use of research-based instructional methodologies and technologies to improve and pioneer novel technologies to explore and better understand their impact on improved education and society.

Free Software Programs

How about free software to promote STEM in the classroom. Along with multimedia programs such as Movie Maker and iMovie... these programs listed below will facilitate students in their 21st century skill development. Since they are free students can use them at school and download them to also connect at home.

SketchUp - A great CAD style product from the people at Google. I like to call it "CAD that's fun!" Explore a world of educational resources that will engage students in the classroom allowing them to innovate and create!

West Point Bridge Project - Whether it be math, science, or engineering... students will enjoy this free program from the West point Academy. Watch students compete in collaborative groups as they learn valuable content and understand the world of math and science through simulation and model.

Scratch - Wow... computational thinking at its best. A program that allows student to design a computer program with integration in any subject area. Learn more by watching my archived webinar at Discovery!

Google Earth - Another free and amazing program that will excite your students in any STEM class. Make sure you visit this educator page filled with resources on how to use Google Earth in the classroom.