It actually is quite obvious that the Arts be included in STEM education. A look at the works of Leonardo da Vinci will attest to this! The very first time I heard the idea of integrating the Arts into STEM education was while watching a keynote made by Daniel Pink at the NECC Conference in Washington DC. Pink presented strong evidence to include the right brain activities to what included historical left brain activities. A reading of his book A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The Future is a must for any educator, especially those interested in STEM education. It is evident that STEAM allows for true innovation, and it is innovation that will allow students success in a flat world. Bringing the Arts allows students to remember the creative juices that come with the smell of a Crayola Crayon, the engagement of Tinker Toys, and the creation and remixing of that first Easy Bake Oven. It is the STEAM that allows students to not just be technology consumers, but technology creators! Proper infusion of the Arts will create a STEAM culture that engages and promotes intrinsic learning. In the space below I have included some sites that may just allow educators to integrate teh Arts allowing STEM to become STEAM!

Teacher Vision Art and Math - Great activities and lessons that allow Art to be integrated into the Math curriculum.
NPR Where Science Meets Art - Some exceptional podcasts integrating Science and Art.
Arts Edge - A fantastic resource from the Kennedy Center hosting numerous lessons that integrate Art in the curriculum
New York Times Learning Network - Blog produced by NY times that has some great lessons including Art Integration
National Gallery Kid Zone - Loads of interactive Art tools that can be used for math, science, and engineering occasions
Exploratorium - Take a look at the entire site, but especially explore the Art related material
Science and More To Music - What a wonderful collection of MP3 songs written and performed by Dr. Lodge McCammon. Have kids perform to music using Flip Cameras and digital still cameras
Edsitement - I include this site from the National Endowment for the Humanities because of its vast collection of Art related resources aimed at the Social Studies and Languauge Arts areas. When doing an interdisciplinary unit with Math and Science one may find a good tie in from this excellent resources.