Building A Wiki Using Wikispaces For More Then Today's Activities
(40 minutes)

A. Why a Wiki?
1. Personal Organization
2. Classroom Instructional Facilitation
3. Keeping Resources
4. Personal Reflection
5. Team Planning
6. Public Relations
7. Professional Networking
8. Student Collaboration
9. Student and Classroom Projects
10. School Wide Initatives

B. Let's Build


1. Enter a user name, email, and password
2. Follow directions on giving page a name and selecting proper account
3. Stop for next explaination (help others in your group)
4. Wikispaces expaination, investigation, and exploration

C. Other Collaborative Resources for Pofessional Learning Communities

D. Create a new pages called: Reflections, Links, Pictures

E. Experiment with putting in a link to a website you enjoy using. Understand open a new window. Understand internal link vs external

F. Write a reflection on how you might use a Wiki entitle it Wiki Reflection

G. Help others

Google Docs and look the New Google Docs Community Channel Google Doc Love Letter Google Polls
Ning Twitter WordPress

external image msword.png Building A Wiki Using Wikispaces.doc